The goal of Quicksilver is to solve the Staker’s Dilemma and land higher yields for them, increase the Liquidity supporting the Cosmos DeFi Ecosystem, without compromising on Cosmos chains security or user sovereignty.
Unrestricted Validator Choice
With decentralization as a core tenet, Quicksilver is designed with Unrestricted Validator Choice, meaning users may delegate to any validator of a native chain when utilizing the Protocol. We designed this feature to prevent delegations from concentrating with a small set of validators.
Leveraging a combination of Interchain Accounts (ICA) and Interchain Queries (ICQ), Quicksilver scales to any IBC-connected, ICA-enabled blockchain. The Protocol's design makes it such that onboarding a new zone only requires passing a governance proposal, thus placing those decisions in the hands of the Quicksilver Community.
Governance by Proxy
Quicksilver has introduced the Governance by Proxy feature, which allows users to retain their voting rights when liquid staking their assets. Thus, users may continue participating in network governance while staking assets through the Protocol.
Governance by Proxy prevents the concentration of governance power within select few actors by maintaining the community’s voice. The Quicksilver team believes that active governance is key to an active and functioning ecosystem. Thus, it is of the highest importance that Quicksilver users continue to benefit from governance rights while holding liquid staked assets.
Governance by Proxy will be shipped soon after launch in one of the chain’s upgrades.
Participation Rewards
A portion of the QCK Token inflation is allocated to Participation Rewards - a mechanism that distributes QCK tokens every epoch to stakers that choose to stake with smaller, performant validators that are active in governance.
This way, the Quicksilver team hopes to encourage a more even spreading of assets across the validators of an onboarded chain. When assets are more spread out across the validators of a chain, chains are less vulnerable to attacks and censorship. The team also hopes to encourage delegating to smaller validators, supporting decentralization across the Cosmos.
Frictionless UX
The Quicksilver protocol offers users a frictionless experience and makes the liquid staking process as simple as possible. Thanks to Iqlusion’s Liquidity Staking Module, users can forgo unbonding periods by transferring their staked delegations directly into the Protocol. Rewards are auto-compounded on an epochal basis, eliminating another step in the user journey.