QCK token inflation is designed to support decentralization, liquid staking adoption, and community ownership of Quicksilver.

QCK token inflation will empower Quicksilver in four ways:

  1. Incentivise stakers to secure the Quicksilver chain

  2. Support decentralization on the native chains onboarded for liquid staking

  3. Incentivise protocol adoption & usage

  4. Support the Quicksilver Community

To support this vision, the year 1 inflation emissions will be distributed as follows:

  • 80% emitted as Staking Rewards to reward validators and their delegators for securing the Quicksilver network.

  • 10% distributed as Participation Rewards to users of the Quicksilver protocol.

  • 7% to the Incentive Pool for ongoing incentives to new users and liquidity providers.

  • 3% to the community pool controlled by governance, to be spent on projects benefiting the Quicksilver community.

Inflation is governance configured, meaning that the community can vote on total inflation, yearly inflation, and the allocation of emissions.

Inflation in the first year will be 25%, after which it is expected to drop by 25% per year. These rates give QCK a max supply of 400M before inflation goes to zero.

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