Initiating an Unbonding

Unbonding transactions are currently failing to process due to a known bug. This is actively being worked on and will be resolved in the coming days via a chain upgrade. Unbonding transactions are stuck in a QUEUED state until this is resolved. The redemption rate at which your unbonding will be executed will be taken from the point of processing, not from when the transaction was submitted.
When you hold qAssets, you may unbond then by submitting a MsgRequestRedemption transaction. This can be done from the Staking section of the Quicksilver WebApp.
Unstaking Interface
Connect your wallet, and select the network on which you wish to unbond, and you will be given the opportunity to unstake your assets. In the example above, the user has 0.09 qATOM available to unbond.
On pressing 'half', the amount to unstake has been populated with 0.045 - and the user is shown they will receive 0.05 ATOM. This amount is indicative based upon the current redemption rate. When 'unstake' is pressed, the user will be prompted to sign the transaction from their chosen wallet.
This will queue the unbonding to the processed. This is usually at the next epoch boundary. The actual amount returned to the user will depend on the redemption rate when the unbonding record is processed. If an unbonding remains queued past an epoch boundary (this can happen if tokens are locked due to many active redelegations, but will not happen in the normal case), the unbonding will remain queued and will be retried on the next epoch.

Active Unbondings

Once an unbonding transaction has been sent, it will appear at the foot of the Assets page.
The status will remain QUEUED and the completion time PENDING until the unbonding has been processed.
Active Unbondings on the Assets page