Mechanism Design

Quicksilver’s mechanisms and modules were built to keep assets safe, further anchor the protocol in the Cosmos, and expand the possibilities of DeFi within the ecosystem.
Assets never leave their native chains when liquid staking on Quicksilver, and are sent directly from users’ wallets to Quicksilver deposit accounts on the native chain, to avoid concentrating assets on the Quicksilver protocol.
Staking Rewards fees
Staking Rewards Fees collected on the Protocol are distributed to QCK stakers on an epochly basis. The fee amount is governance-configured, meaning the Quicksilver community decides the percentage of the fee, but the default value at Genesis is expected to be 3.5%.
Staking Rewards fees are collected on every onboarded chain, which means QCK stakers earn the native assets of all onboarded chains by simply staking QCK. With the Quicksilver Community at the heart of this mechanism, the distribution of Staking Rewards Fees among QCK stakers will further anchor them in the Cosmos.
Airdrop Module
Over 50% of the Genesis supply will be going to airdrops. Eligible stakers of chains onboarded on the Protocol, will receive airdrops upon the onboarding of said chains. This means that stakers of chains that do not exist yet will receive a QCK airdrop in the future. With decentralization in mind, the protocol will weigh the way users stake, and not just how much, in the airdrop formula. The goal of this airdrop model is to ensure the Quicksilver protocol is in the hands of its present and future community, and QCK tokens are spread as far and wide across the Cosmos ecosystem.
Cross-Chain Smart Contracts
CosmWasm is posed to be enabled on the zone in the future, allowing developers to build on Quicksilver Zone. The Quicksilver team sees the Zone becoming an Interchain DeFi hub by allowing builders to leverage unique features such as cross-chain verifications. Cross-chain verifications will allow builders to create protocols that can leverage assets locked in other defi protocols, creating a third layer in which users can benefit from their qAssets. The team envisions Quicksilver enabling an entire range of new DeFi applications that is complementary to the current offer, and works in synergy with it.
With decentralization, security and community at the heart of the protocol’s design, Quicksilver is set to become the Liquid Staking standard of the Cosmos ecosystem.