▶️Signalling Intent

Signaling Intent is a feature under development. It allows a staker to inform the Quicksilver protocol which validator(s) they would like the protocol to stake to on their behalf, and the protocol will do its best to stake accordingly. The goal of Signaling Intent is to preserve sovereignty and user choice.

When a delegator first transfers their delegation to Quicksilver, the makeup of the transferred delegation will form their ‘signal’. This signal can be changed at any point to reflect the user’s desire to redelegate by submitting a MsgSignalIntent transaction on chain.

Epochly, the aggregate intent of all qAsset holders for a given chain will be calculated and used to determine how the delegations controlled by Quicksilver should be rebalanced. Given limitations in concurrent redelegations, this action is eventually consistent, meaning that over some period of time (up to 21 days), delegations will be moved to converge upon the aggregate intent.

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