▶️Staking Rewards Calculation

How are staking rewards calculated on the Quicksilver protocol?

Rewards are auto-compounded by the protocol. The way rewards work is that the ratio between the asset:qAsset is not 1:1, and the redemption rate increases each epoch, meaning that the qAsset becomes worth more Asset over time as the value of rewards are restaked.

Use this formula to calculate rewards earnings:

earnings=(inAmount/RR entry)RR exit)inAmountearnings = (inAmount / RR^{\ entry} ) * RR^{\ exit}) - inAmount

The current redemption rate can always be found here: https://lcd.quicksilver.zone/quicksilver/interchainstaking/v1/zones

For Example:

You staked 10000 STARS on day 1, when the redemption rate was 1.0, and received 10000 qSTARS.

The redemption rate of the current epoch is 1.017675384751828836.

You have earned STARS = ((10000/1.00)*1.017675384751828836)-10000, or 176 STARS.

Please note that the qAsset amount in your wallet does not change after you deposit; for example, if you receive 10000 qSTARS when you deposit, your wallet will continue to show 10000 qSTARS, even as your qSTARS become more valuable over time.

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